About Us


      Christina's story, like yours, is filled with interesting chapters.  Her story includes experiences working as a Graduate Assistant in History, Director of Customer Service for hotels, management, training, real estate, retail and various volunteer engagements including PTO.  At 50, Christina realized it was time to reinvent herself and begin a new chapter in her life. She is engaging in a passion that would allow her to work in the world of fashion while creating a five-star shopping experience for her customers. Her love for history, particularly history of women's fashion, can be seen in her posts as well as the designs of her jewelry line Modern Vintage Creations.

One of Christina's very important chapters in her story include the role of Mom and caregiver to her teenage daughter Lauren.  Lauren was diagnosed three years ago with a rare and incurable condition called Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Condition, whereby the nerves send messages to the brain that the body is in extreme pain, even though there is no physical trauma. The brain in turn, responds with sending less oxygen to the area, which causes swelling and a buildup of lactic acid. This debilitating issue is ongoing and causes the worst pain response. Christina is amazed by the perseverance of her daughter, although afflicted with this pain continues to face each day head on. As part of her business platform, Christina hopes to create more awareness on this rare condition and will donate part of the proceeds from sales to the research of causes and treatments of childhood pain. To learn more about Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain and other childhood pain conditions, please visit www.stopchildhoodpain.org.

It all begins with a dream, a belief in hard work and extra determination to own a business but without the support of loved ones, it most often is not possible. Christina is grateful for the support she has received from her dear family and friends who have encouraged and offered advice along the way to her owning her boutique.  She is especially grateful to her husband, Russ. Without his support and encouragement and ability to life 50 pounds of apparel at a single time, Christina would not be able to realize her dream.

Christina believes in building long lasting relationships with her customers and looks forward to welcoming you to the Aurora Lynn family. Let her help you find fashion for the next memorable event in your life.  Let her help you find "Fashion for Your Story."